get a thai tourist visa

get a thai tourist visa

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Sak means “to”to or tattoo” tap,” and yant means “yantra”—a variety of mystical diagram. What precisely do these tattoos symbolize? Many people believe they offer protection against danger and death, and bring fortune, power, and courage. Thai warriors and soldiers would protect on their own head-to-toe in these ink designs. Muay Thai, the absolute most sport that is popular the country, is certainly one arena where visitors will dsicover many Sak Yant tattoos, as fighters think they protect them within the ring.

buddha on your tattooWe’ve known for a long time that we would get traditional Sak Yant tattoos if we ever traveled to Thailand. I’m not sure exactly how we first learned about these traditional Thai tattoos, but we had been straight away intrigued. This is before we knew Angelina Jolie has one and before Sak Yant tattoos became a bit of a fad (especially with travel bloggers.) We really think a lot of people thought we were crazy whenever we used to explain why we would would like a Buddhist monk to hammer repeatedly into a bamboo rod to our skin…

Then when we finally embarked on our very first trip to Thailand this season, getting an appointment for a Sak Yant tattoo was the very thing that is first carry on our travel itinerary.

Eventually we decided to go through Chiang Mai Locals to have our Thai tattoos. Chiang Mai Locals was able to make a consultation it was at a location where they knew the quality (and sanitation) of the tattoos for us with a monk at a small rural temple just outside of Chiang Mai—and. This took all the stress away for us!

Nana had been our fantastic host from Chiang Mai Locals. She came across us at our hotel, accompanied us towards the temple, translated the entire procedure, stepped us through appropriate etiquette, and ultimately ensured which our experience obtaining a Sak Yant tattoo ended up being even better than we could have hoped!

As shortly stated earlier, it is not easy to locate a monk willing to do the Sak Yant tattoos on a girl. In our case, it was no hassle for as long I didn’t take any photos during the tattoo process as I was accompanied by a man also getting a Sak Yant tattoo and.

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The design that is basic of Gao Yord represents the nine peaks for the mythical mountain for the Gods, Mount Meru. In accordance with Hindu mythology, Mount Meru is the abode regarding the Lord Brahma along with other Deities. In Buddhist mythology, Mount Meru is called Sumeru.

The pair of 3 ovals are a representation associated with Lord Buddha and also this grouping of 3 ovals is seen in a lot of other Sak Yant designs. The Gao Yord Yant has 9 Buddhas represented, with each Buddha bestowing special powers or spells. In certain versions regarding the Gao Yord, there exists a Mantra or Katha tattooed at the root of the design. The script utilized is Khom, an Khmer that is ancient script and gives the abbreviation for the names of these nine Buddhas as follows;

A, Sang, Wi, Su, Loe, Pu, Sa, Pu, Pa

In the middle of this Gao Yord design is really a patchwork of tiny squares, the secret box, (although in certain designs the outlines aren’t shown but just the articles), each square containing an abbreviation (in Khom) for the names of the many protection spells that this Yant will bestow. The number that is exact of little squares can vary in line with the design however the abilities given towards the wearer will always include the following.

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